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Chanel Propeller Bag And More Airplane Inspired Handbags From Spring 2016

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The Chanel Spring/Summer 2016 Act 2 Collection with an Airline theme brings in chic and adorable bag designs. Aside from the ready-to-wear items and accessories with airplane motif, this season’s handbags gets in the same references. The brand introduces the Propeller Bags which comes in two styles, Tote and Flap Bags. It features a propeller inspired pattern. While this season’s multicolor Printed Classic Medium Flap Bag, features a tiny airplane on the iconic CC closure. Airplane prints and colors are also seen in some of the bags and clutch bags.

Style & Price



Chanel Propeller Mini Flap Bag $2,400.00 (USD)
Chanel Propeller Small Flap Bag $3,200.00 (USD)
Chanel Propeller Tote Bag TBD
Chanel Multicolor Printed Medium Classic Flap Bag $5,000.00 (USD)
Chanel Airline Printed Flap Bag TBD
Chanel Airline Printed Toiletry Bag $600.00 (USD)
Chanel Beachwear Reversible Tote Bag $2,200.00 (USD)
Chanel Airlines Zip Pouch Bag $1,000.00 (USD)
Chanel Retro Airline Messenger Bag $1,800.00 (USD)


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You think the Louis Vuitton is oldest French trunk-maker? Now think again, Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854, while another designer brand Moynat was first opened in 1849.

Moynat might not be as famous as Dior or Chanel, but they’ve designed automobile luggage for famous brands like Bugatti, Boisin, Binder and Labourdette.

And today we’re going to feature their most classic handbag, it’s named after the founder – the Moynat Pauline Bag.

If you’re a bag collector, you will need this to complete your collection. But it is also a nice everyday bag to use for work and after-work.

The Moynat Pauline Bag is crafted by their own artisan and we read that they only have limited staff. So each bag is hand-made from the start to the finishing and they’re controlling each and every step.

Their quality and design are comparable to luxury brands like Hermes, but then without the ‘buzz’. It’s a great bag for the unique fashionista that wants to distinguish herself from the big crowd.

Now for the details; the bag is made from Taurillon Gex Leather, but you can also choose exotic leather like crocodilians. It comes in single or bi-color like black and burgundy mix. Besides the long handles, you can also wear it cross body with the detachable/adjustable shoulder strap that’s included.

Moynat Petite Pauline Bag 
Size: 29 x 18 x 15 cm
Price: €2850 euro

Moynat Pauline Bag 
Size: 35 x 16.5 x 23.5 cm
Price: $4600 USD, €3000 euro











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Hermès Birkin Himalayan crocodile bag review


Today we are going to speak about an outrageous priced handbag, one that costs more than some people spend to buy a new house. This purse is called Hermès Birkin Himalayan crocodile and its price tags says $300,000. We are accustomed with Hermes’ staggering prices and the incredibly long waiting list for buying one of their Birkin bags, but this is just insane. No doubt about it, it is the most expensive Hermes purse so far.

hermes birkin himalayan

I have to admit that the handbag is stunning and that it has a couple of very important qualities that kind of justify why someone who is rich would spend that much on a bag. The Himalayan crocodile purse measures 30 cm and it is one of the rarest models on the globe. The product is hand made from Nilo crocodile skin in a discrete color that is reminiscent for the imposing  Himalayan mountains. This shade is obtained through a special dyeing process that takes a lot of work and time. To match the subtle color of the leather, the bag comes with 18 karat white gold hardware decorated with white diamonds. The iconic cadena lock of the Birkin is manufactured from 68 grams of 18 k white gold and studded with 40 white round diamonds. The overall purse has over 200 diamonds on its three different structural elements- the Plaques de Sanglons, the Pontets and the Touret.

hermes birking hamalayan bag

The Hemes Birkin Himalayan crocodile bag was created in a limited number and was offered to a very short list of VIP clients. This very significant detail increased the purse’s value on the resell market so currently to acquire this model that is no longer in production thus not available for purchase you need to pay over $432,000. Hermes is the only handbag manufacturer that can sell on the secondary market at a higher price than its retail price.

People describe this jaw-dropping Hermes as one of the rarest and most desirable handbag in the world. And making one involves extensive work. It took a Hermes artisan about an year to craft the purse and the brand guarantees its sturdiness by vowing to repair it any scratches or damages immediately.  Considering the scandalous price I seriously doubt that anyone would ever wear or handle the bag without extreme care. I, for one, would keep it on a pedestal if I had one.

kim kardashian hermes birkin himalayan bag

Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Tamara Ecclestone and Marjorie Harvey are just a few of the celebrities that own this much-sought after purse. A couple of very interesting thing about Victorian Beckham and Kim Kardashian who are huge fans of Hermes Birkin bags. Victoria Beckham has a collection of Hermes purses that is estimated at over 2 million dollars while Kim Kardashian has so many Birkin that she uses one for the gym and has another one that has been hand painted by her daughter to look more interesting. For those who are not familiar with the price range for a regular Birkin, the most ‘inexpensive’ version costs about $10,000.

So there you go gals, if you needed something to treat your eyes with then you have certainly found it. The Hermes Birking Himalayan crocodile purse is a spectacular model that is manufactured from rare crocodile skin and is decorated with 18 k white gold and white diamonds. It is a luxurious bag that is available only for Hermes’ elite.

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Moynat Danse

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Danse, or dance in French, is the name of Moynat’s newest bag offering, which also happens to be their first ‘soft’ bag. Not soft like their tote bags that come in Moynat’s signature initial canvas, but an actual handbag that’s not stiff or structured for once.

Available in two sizes (I’m assuming the PM is the one that measures 24 cm by 18 cm, while the larger MM comes in at 34.5 cm by 23 cm), the Danse is also bi-material, the perfect mix of Taurillon Gex and Taurillon Nubuk (otherwise known as suede) with the interior finished with amber goatskin. Soft, and most definitely slouchy for a look that’s casual and relaxed, the Danse also comes with her adjustable (and removable) leather shoulder sling for days when you need to be hands-free.


Priced at HKD28,000 and HKD38,500 respectively for the PM and the MM, the nearest Moynat you’ll find in our region would be in Hong Kong, more specifically, within Landmark at Queen’s Road Central. You’ll also find Moynat boutiques in Paris (but of course), London and New York, as well as Asian cities like Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo.

But before you work a visit to Moynat into your itinerary, why not head over to their online site which has been given a mini overhaul. Besides more bags and SLGs for you to look at (wait, make the drool over, just look above), you’ll also be able to see it in different colours, their measurements and other information that come will come in useful when deciding on which bag (or bags) to get. 

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Cara Delevingne Named the New Rimmel Face


Edgy British model and actress Cara Delevingne has been formally announced as the new face of London-based beauty brand Rimmel. According to Johanna Businelli, chief marketing officer of color cosmetics for Rimmel’s parent company Coty, the multi-talented beauty will become the brand ambassador, and will also be featured in the upcoming campaign, with a date to be announced at a later time.

Cara Delevingne Named the New Rimmel Face

“I think it’s so rare for a beauty brand to find such a natural face as an ambassador,” said Businelli, in an interview with WWD. “We are very fortunate to have Kate Moss, but Cara is also a fantastic fit. We pick people who don’t need any customization, and I think that is one of the key points. Cara Delevingne is a true British woman and she has true British style – a classic beauty and she also has this imitable attitude. She has had a very fast rise to stardom; it’s been meteoric and she is extremely compelling and loved by the younger generation, which is a key, core target for the brand.”

What better figure for a British beauty brand than the face of someone (regarded by Businelli) as a “modern British beauty,” who embodies everything Rimmel stands for. Delevingne is special indeed, with her unmistakable, unique beauty, and she also has the feature of being versatile, by having the natural ability to change up her style on a whim.

“She has this quite unique look because it’s always bold, very trendsetting, and very personal,” Businelli continued. “It’s her style so she is inspired from within and she has that individual beauty and her individual way of self-expression, which for us is very important. If you look at the way the Rimmel brand translates, it’s really about empowering women to create their look. It’s not about having a stereotypical look. She has become a true inspiration for a generation of young women and for Rimmel.”

In order to best utilize Delevingne’s natural beauty and talent, Businelli has mentioned an intent to allow the model to drive any projects in the future. “We’ll be focusing on bringing new products, because innovation is the lifeblood of color cosmetics, and we have a fast pace of innovation, so bringing to market the innovation, that fits also the Cara personality and the Cara look,” Businelli spoke on, and as she continued, she shifted the interview to speak over Delevingne’s online presence. “It’s amazing, the following she has and it’s probably only going to continue to grow. I think over 28 million followers on Instagram alone, so that is an area that we really want to bring to life together with Cara. I think the key point here is authenticity and things being relevant and authentic.”

In a day where bloggers are being named as brand ambassadors (most recently and notably Aimee Song), moving forward on the digital front is more important now than ever. Having an e-famous face can do wonders for a label, and to kick things off with this initiative, the brand will be hosting a Snapchat conference around the world on April 15. Users will be able to send questions via a hashtag, #RimmelxCara, and Delevingne will answer her favorite questions live on the social media platform.

As the new partnership moves forward, the British model will be part of campaigns, launches, innovations, and anything else to come by the brand. But amidst all of the hectic uproar, Delevingne will not likely forget her roots with Rimmel.

“My first memory of Rimmel, was watching the adverts with Kate [Moss],” Delevingne began, in her interview with WWD. “I was very much a tomboy growing up so I never really wore makeup but I was always fascinated by how edgy and captivating the brand and its ambassadors were. It’s such an iconic cosmetic brand that represents the London girl. It was a natural partnership. The brand philosophy and core brand identity is in line with my own style and attitude. I am proud to be English and jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with such an iconic English brand.”

Delevingne has a clear connection with Rimmel, but she is not by any means exclusive to the brand. She is also the face of Saint Laurent’s most recent campaign (Hedi Slimane’s final hurrah for the label before his departure), and she will also be starring in science fiction/fantasy film “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” with Clive Owen, Ethan Hake, and Rihanna, set to release in July of 2017. She has a pretty tight film schedule, with her work last year in “Pan” and “Paper Towns,” and upcoming films “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie” and “Suicide Squad,” set to release this summer.

Delevingne is the latest face of Rimmel, replacing past names like Coco Rocha, Lily Cole, Solange Knowles, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and Zooey Deschanel. With a line of prominent celebrities in its past, it is rather refreshing to have a true, “modern British beauty” at the forefront of the brand.

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